Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday with your loved ones

It's nearing end of year 2012 allready... and I just checked that my last post here was in Jan 2012... phewwwww... what have I been doing all those months...:D

Anyway... just a quick catchup, with the availability of PATH , Twitter and BBM groups on my fingertips, I have forgotten to write anything here anymore...yahhh... abisnya kalo ngupdate status di path / twitter pan lebih gampang yaaa..... *pemalesan*.. Emang dasarnya ga bakat nulis ajaaa kayanyaa yaaa gw... hihihiihi

OK... back to topic.. Belakangan ini sering benerrrrrr baca status2 mommy2 yang suka ngoceh2 either on path, twitter or facebook even about their kids... yang anaknya bandel bener, yang mommynya pengen holiday sendiri, need time off of everything @ home... dan sebagainya dan sebagainya... Dan rata2 yang complain begini adalah sorry to say, all the moms who don't work in the office... Jadi gw mikir... it's not fair buat berkoar2 like that when you have all these working moms yang mesti ninggalin anaknya kerja for a full day dan cuman bisa maen di malem hari nya / weekend...

I am not judging here, but I am mainly expressing pemikiran gw sendiri yang kadang risih dengan comment2 negative tersebut... I am a mom too and I have my own business too TAPI... sesibuk apa pun.. gw dan suami ga pernah berpikiran buat holiday berduaan / with friends only TANPA ngajak sydney... Ga tega bookkkk rasanya.... masa happy2 tanpa anak... Emang... gw ga muna, bilang  harus 100% sama sydney terus kemana2... sekali2 memang we have our dates berduaan aja... either makan / nonton or ke mall...or ngemall ngape2 ama temen2 tanpa sydney... tapi kalo buat urusan yang nginep ato pergi jauh.... sydney always comes with us... even for business trips.. :D

Banyak juga yang suka bilang... wahh repot nih mau jalan2 ga bawa nanny, terus ujung2nya ga jadi pergi just because of that.... I strongly think it's a shame... Emang... pasti cape dehhh dijamin kalo jalan2 begitu ga bawa nanny... but all the fun you have with your hubby and kid together bener2 bikin puas.... kebayar smua capenya gw.... lagian emang gw ga pernah ngerasa sydney ngerepotin juga sih kalo jalan2... I guess this mindset is important.. karena kalo lo dari awalnya uda mikir duhhhhh anak gw rewel bener, duhh anak gw bawel bikin pusing dll dll.... yah of course that mindset uda kebentuk wayyyy before u all go on holiday.. dan pas di holidaynya yahh yang ada lo nya bakal kesel sendiri kan....

Dan my pet peeve of all times..... gw ga mau SHAREEEEEEE kamar ama nanny...... risih banget bokkkkkkkkkkkkk...... masa tiap kali gw harus booking 1 kamar buat nanny alone / gw harus book suite room terus dimana ada living room buat nanny nya tidur terpisah.. bisa bangkrutsss dong ahhh.. mending duitnya buat shopping2 ato makan2 toohhhhhh.... but again... mungkin beda orang beda pilihan yaaa... kan ada yang emang ga risih-an , ato emang willing to spend more money buat book kamar yang suite dan seterusnyaaa.... so again... it's all up to them.... toh bukan duit gw juga yang dipake tohhhh..

Intinya dari apa yang gw tulis serabutan diatas ini.... jangan complain please tentang anak2 lo dan repotnya elo ngurusin anak2 lo sampe lo ngerasa harus liburan sendiri ato bahasa kerennya... take time out euyyy...  di socmed... cos I sure feel sad reading it.... Bayangin kalo nanti anak2 lo uda pada jadi teenager and they twit about you, about how old fashioned u are and how boring u are.. and how they wish they can go on holidays without u.... I sure don't want to read that.... sucks bangetttt dehhh...

Yang pasti... gw seneng bener to have a chance to go on holidays always with my loved ones.. biarpun buat nemenin laki gw ke china urusan business.. ato short weekend away @ Bali or Bandung... Sydney selalu ikut dan we always did it... without nanny.... dan yang pasti.. we always have FUN with capital letters... biarpun slalu ada omelan2 kecil yang keluar dari mulut gw ato laki gw buat si kecil sydney kalo lagi bandel ato ga dengerin yg dibilangin... yang penting... we're together.. :D and what more can you ask for...

so..... let's plan another trip babeee.... *nyolek hubby*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hollaaaa.. I am back... :D

It's been too long since my last post... as I can recall.. the last post was prior to my pregnancy days.. :D
Yesss... Hubby and I have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl who was born on 18 January 2011. Her name is Sydney... just like the city where her dad and her mom first met..

The name actually came about in a bookstore where I was searching for a name book, we were really wanting to have a name which starts with the letter S so that it will sorta be similar to both of our names... we were fiddling with Sarah , Sasha, Sharon and so on... suddenly there is a name popping up in the book : sydney which also means vast landscape area, free spirited... and this just clicks to us... coincidentally, it is also the city we met. So, then off we leave the bookstore without buying that name book.. :D

So fast forward from my preggers days and labour day... now Sydney will turn to 1 year old tomorrow... Me as a mom is so happy and feel so lucky to be given by God such a wonderful baby girl who has been healthy and strong since the day she was born. And we always pray of course that she will always be wrapped by Jesus and Saint Mary so well that she will be protected from harms way. Amen!




I LOVE u Angel... :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Weekend staying @ S-town once in a while is niceee... and I mean this sincerely... :D Really...
Not having to drive down to j-town and passing all these stupid angkots and motorcyclists along the way.. and not to have been stuck in the traffic jam along the loooongggg winding road from s-town to J-town.. :D

Lazy relaxing arvo with hubby.. finishing some work on lappie too... while having a cup of coffee and my dunkin donuts.. is heaven... Followed by a nice dinner all prepared by lovely dut2 without my help at all.. I am proud of my very own chef...

I guess.. all these little things that we have to learn to appreciate that makes life feels so wonderful to you... minus all the whinings and the comparing to other people's life... just like mom always said.. u never know what's behind the closed doors of other people's households.... TRUE THAT mom!!!!

Anyway... saturday nite spent on the net now while hubby is playing his Playstation just next to me is bliss... and I feel so lucky to have found him to be the man of the house..

Okayyy enuff mushy stuff.... anyway.. tomorrow will be a sporty day for me... yeahh.. coming from a couch potato like me.. walking around the komplek with the doggie in tow actually means full on marathon... :D Finished off with having a lil bit of swimming as well... should be a nice slow day to end the weekend...

Few more months to my well deserved shopping holiday in Hkg and spore... wohooooo!!!!! and few more weeks before my Bandung trip with hubby.. just the two of us... finally... our long overdue getaway trip together...

Till thennnn... cherish everything that's happening in your life.. and u know u've found the right man beside you when u actually could smile / giggle when you are alone and suddenly thinks of him and the funny things that he did... :D

Big Smoochessssssssssssssss...

Friday, January 8, 2010

What's ur New Year Goodies????

Happy New Year 2010 Everybodyyy!!! Geezzz.. How time surely flies very fast!!!
When I mention it to hubby.. he said... yah iyeee lahhh... kalo ngerasa nya lamaa bener waktu lewatnya, berarti kamu ga enjoy dong married ama aku.... LOL!!! Dipikir2 bener jugaa yaakkk... berarti gw sengsara donggg kalo misalnya hari ke harinya lewatnya lamaa beeng... :D so Thankful for this funny and understanding man to be beside me... and for a very long time too surely!!!!

So... what's ur new year goodies??? For myself.. got 3 beautiful bags and of course 2 shoes... teteupppp... namanya ke Malaysia kalo ga beli VINCCI berasa pasti ada yang kurang yaakk... apalageee they have the promo extra 10% off lage buat pembayaran pake HSBC CC... :D




And that's all folksss.... !!!!! just the perfect goodies to start the new year for a Not Yet reformed shoes and Bags addict..... Eeerrrrrrrrr!!!!! :D

Been too long...... :D

Holaaaa... it's been a while since I last updated this blog... Well... there's a number of reasons since my last posts.... Buat siapa yang terus ngikutin my blog, would have realised that there's a post missing... about our Baby... :(

Yeppp... unfortunately it was not our time yet I guess for a baby to enter our lil family.... During my 7 weeks pregnancy, Ternyata oh ternyata Tuhan berkehendak lain and I miscarriaged... Thankfully I have the best husband and parents, in-laws and brother n sister as well as friends who are there for me... including all the beautiful ladies @ FD.. yang biarpun sampe skarang gw belom sempet ketemu either one of u all... but all your prayers have kept me strong and keep moving forward.... :-) LOVE u ALL....

After a week of constant bed rest since the miscarriage day.... I have finally realised that the baby may not be for me... He or she may have belonged to another family and I am sure I will be given another one by God as he always has a way for us... And what makes me even stronger... my beloved hubby said in the hospital that if the baby is not meant for us, then it's just not meant for us and he just wants me to get well soon as he wants me beside him to try and have another baby which will surely be given dari Yang Atas... And Thanks to all the people who have been there also during my stay @ the hospital , mau dari nurses nya, mau dari my lil bro yang nemenin laki gw stay @ the hospital day and nite and sampe parents gw yang slalu nganggep gw always as their lil girl... :D u Guys ROCK!!!!!!

So anyway.. on a lighter note... Yang penting skarang daku sudah sehat lagi.. and hopefully there will come a time when I will become a mummy again... and diserahin tugas Mulia dari Yang di Atas.. Amien!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lage kepengen me-review some of the stuff I got from my fav Online stores @ the moment nehh.. :D

Belom lama ini blanjaan2 eyke datang silih berganti ke rumah... hahahaha.... always love it when I got home from work and saw all these bingkisan sitting on my sofa... :D ditata dengan rapinya oleh my maid..

First thing first... I got 2 shoes from -->> and they prove to be the same things as the pictures I saw on the website.. Waktu kerja nya sich about 1 month dehh kayanya, berhubung gw emang sengaja ga nunggu2in jadi tu spokat, jadi ga berasa dee... :D I guess that's what u have to do when buying a custom made shoes online.. jangan ditunggu2in terus bokk.. malah jadi senewen.. and of course beli dari yang reputable online shop yaaa.... jadi ga deg2an jugaa kalo agak lama nunggu tu spokat jadi..

So, here are the two cute shoes I got.. they are so unique and yang grey heelsnya kemaren ini gw pake buat jalan2 di mall.. and amazingly kaga sakit sehh yaa,... Thankfully!!
DI gambar, barengan ada cottonink shawl juga yang gw pesen.. LOVE EM.. I am so in love with their colours.. so far gw uda punya warna purple and pinky too, not shown in pic..

Then,.. my bags purchases come too.. from my very2 nice online seller @ -->> from her, I got 1 LC bag to add to the Longchamp collections and Marc by Marc jacobs bag as well a Kate spade tote bag.. these 3 bags prove to be a great casual bag where u could just stuff everything in.. heheheheh just the way I want my bags to be..

Dan terakhirrrrr.. ini gw dapet bukan dari online shop.. gw beli dari temennya laki gw yang merangkap sebagai my dentist as well as a boutique owner here @ Sukabumi.... Seneng bener nemu spokat beige heels indang, secara tu spokat yang sama percis gito ada dijual seharga 350rb-an Online.. and I got this same one for only RP119,000... What a great deal this is. :D

So anywho.. those are the reviews I got so far.. and enjoy your days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)






Monday, August 24, 2009

The short visit to Bandung.. :D

Setelah lama kalee belom maen2 ke Bandung lagee.. akhirnyaa.. last Thursday went to Bandung justg for a day trip with mom-in law, sis in law, her daughter and dad in law too... Pokoknya judulnya berjalan2 dengan mertua banget deee.. :D

Anyway.. since mom-in-law is a bit of a shopaholic too like me... she knew of this 1 store called EST on Jalan sumatera, close to Tony romas.. and she's been dying to take me there as they've got really cute dresses and tops and whatever u name it, they're there.. :D Since we both are so tired of the same old stuff @ rumah mode, we decided to skip our routine visit to that place and went straight to EST..

And boyyy was I in awe when I walked into the shop.. it's big and what's plus is.. it's got all these cute dresses I am so in love with... not in love with the prices tho.. :( hahhahaha Anyway... another good thing about this place is that it's not as crowded as Rumah mode which I LIKE.... :D it gives me a nice time to look and browse thru all the things slowly and more in details..

Anywho.. here are the cute tops i got and a dress too... Too bad all the other dress with the higher end brands tags are too high in price in my opinion.. but then again.. who knows, I may drop in sometime in the near future and hopefully they are having a SALE... :D

Till then... darlings!!! :D